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DKB-Riders Tour in Hagen a.T.W.: Oranje win in the Qualification


(Hagen a.T.W.) „I thought I was too old to ride even faster” jokes Gert-Jan Bruggink, “but then I saw the 44 on the score board, and I knew the rider before made it in 45…” Once again the 36 year old nations cup competitor showed the rest what the dutch can do, when they want to. With the 11 year old gelding Connelly, Bruggink shaved a good half a second off of the time of the previously 1st placed “Matador of Hagen” Mathis Schwentker and For Success, in the first weighted competition in the Prize of the LVM versicherung, the opening class to the DKB-Riders Tour qualification. The drama was perfect- Bruggink entered the ring as the last of eight starters in the jump off.

Monday Once Again….
Countryman Wout Jan van der Schans shared third place with Philipp Weishaupt. Actually a Dutch rider has not made it to the top ranking of the DKB-Riders Tour since 2011. “I think that needs to change imedietly” says Bruggink, “But im still doubting if I´ll be the one to do it.” Bruggink will also start in the first weighted competition of the new DKB-Riders Tour season with Connelly. “He is a little special, gets nervous quickly, but is a really lovely horse, that’s why I did finaly bought him” says Bruggink. Mathis Schwentker – closely beaten – was excited, as a new Hagener, to be able to use the change that the German national trainer Otto Becker gave him in nominating him to start in Hagen.

Weishaupt with a lot „New“
Philipp Weishaupt, last year’s winner of the first stop in the DKB-Riders Tour, rode a horse that he has only known for 2 weeks, Asathir. “She works incredibly well with the rider, from the first day, I have had a great feeling on her,” said the Bavarian born rider about his partner in success. “Unfortunately I don’t have her for very long, she belongs to a client who wants to ride her himself.” In the weighted competition on Monday Weishaupt will sit on an eight year old Catoki progeny, who will be getting his first taste of the Grand Prix: “If we come through with no faults, I will be totally happy.” His winning horse from last year, Chico, is still on a break. The gelding is enjoying a break from the sport following an injury, “He is enjoying the sun, and the pasture, and life in general.”  

Larocca falls – Jumping is Paused
The Argentinean Jose Maria Larocca and Cornet du Lys gave the audience, as well as the organizers a fright. The rider fell in the course, and for safe measure, was brought to the Marien Hospital in Osnabrück. DKB-Riders Tour CEO Paul Schockemöhle was there immediately: “At the beginning it looked worse than it really was, but Jose was conscious, and could move his arms and legs, I spoke to him. We will know more tomorrow, but for now we wish him all the best.” While the rider was treated, and an extra ambulance arrived at the premises, the jumping competition was paused, as is required.

In terms of sport, the qualification left no wishes unfulfilled. “At the beginning I thought it would be easier, and more fluid to ride”, mentioned Philipp Weishaupt, “But then you see why I am not a course designer. The course designer understands this more than I do.” Relatively unimpressed my their colleagues fall, three riders qualified for the jump off after the break. The best 50 pairs of the qualification are allowed to start in the Prize of the Deutsche Kreditbank AG. There, it’s about winning the first points for the DKB-Riders Tour ranking.

The young Dane, Catherine Dufour, who won the qualification, once again took first place in the Grand Prix free style, the Prize of the Nordpack GmbH with her proven partner Atterupgaards Cassidy (80,20 percent) second place went on the riding master Hubertus Schmidt (Borchen) with the Trakhener stallion Imperio (79,08). Fabienne Lütkemeier earned third with D’Agostino (79,08). Dufor is on the edge of a competition pause: “I will use that time to choreograph a new free style. The Danish championships are coming up and I hope to be nominated for the team that will compete in Aachen, and of course the European championships” said Dufour.

Monday, the may 1st holiday is the final competition day of Horses & Dreams meets Austria in the Almased-Dressage Stadium and will include a qualification for the final of the Louisdor-Preis as well as a Grand Prix Special. In the jumping arena, the first weighted competition of the DKB-Riders Tour Prize of the Deutschen Kreditbank AG will also take place.

Results in overview:

15 Int. jumping competition with jump off (1.50 m) CSI4* - FEI Art. 238.2.2 Qualification to the DKB-Riders Tour-Wertungsprüfung, Preis der LVM Versicherung: 1. Gert Jan Bruggink (The Netherlands), Connelly 2, 0.00/44.73; 2. Mathis Schwentker (Steinfeld), For Success, 0.00/45.26; 3. Philipp Weishaupt (Riesenbeck), Asathir, 0.00/46.82; 3. Wout-Jan Van Der Schans (The Netherlands), Capetown, 0.00/46.82; 5. Piergiorgio Bucci (Italy), Bohemian Rhapsody, 4.00/48.52; 6. Werner Muff (Switzerland), Pollendr, 8.00/49.97;

5 CDI4* Grand Prix Freestyle Partial value for the  for the special prize „Free Style-Tour“ offered by the Sattlerei Hennig, Prize of the Nordpack GmbH: 1. Cathrine Dufour (Denmark), Atterupgaards Cassidy, 80.200%; 2. Hubertus Schmidt (Borchen), Imperio 3, 79.075%; 3. Fabienne Lütkemeier (Paderborn), D'Agostino FRH, 78.125%; 4. Anabel Balkenhol (Rosendahl), Heuberger TSF, 77.850%; 5. Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez (Spain), Deep Impact 3, 76.450%; 6. Patrik Kittel (Sweden/Nottuln), Delaunay, 76.350%;

60 , Show: Equestrian Biathlon of the Sparkasse Osnabrück: 1. Toni Haßmann (Münster), Channing L, 121.33; 2. Tim Rieskamp-Goedeking (Steinhagen), Quapitola de Beaufour, 123.53; 3. Armin Jun. Schäfer (Bürstadt), Ladylover 5, 125.56; 4. Mathis Schwentker (Steinfeld), Landprincess, 127.94; 5. Jan Wernke (Holdorf), Cab, 148.29; 6. Hans-Thorben Rüder (Greven), Lady Lissabon, 156.38;

For everyone who is not able to be here in person, we have a great solution. In cooperation with @ClipMyHorse.TV the entire competition will be broadcasted live, and free of charge. With this link you can watch the live stream.

Photo 1: Gert Jan Gruggink & Connelly. © Stefan Lafrentz

Photo 2: Cathrine Dufour & Atterupgaards Cassidy. © Stefan Lafrentz

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